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Automate Security Assessments 

with an open-source pen-testing collaboration framework
Automate PenTest Reporting
Security Assessment Collaboration


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Penetration Testing

Faction's automated pen test report generation and collaboration framework ensure that your team is spending more time working together to find vulnerabilities and almost no time writing reports. 


No other pen-testing tool streamlines team collaboration like Faction. It enables assessors to share attack payloads, share notes, view real-time findings, and track and edit changes to peer-reviewed reports. 

Vulnerability Management

Faction tracks vulnerabilities with built-in verification and remediation workflows. It simplifies retesting and assessor scheduling

Assessment Management

Faction streamlines your assessment, scheduling, and project management. It shows you which assessors are available for a new assignment , which ones are working on other projects, or even whos out of the office.



Faction offers a robust REST API and customizable AppStore to transform Faction into a tailored solution for your specific needs. Our platform seamlessly integrates with any custom tool to meet your unique requirements.



Faction seamlessly integrates with existing authentication solutions, ensuring a smooth & secure experience. Leveraging widely adopted solutions such as LDAP & OAuth, Faction effortlessly fits into any enterprise environment.


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If you are an independent consultant, a small team, or an enterprise, Faction will fit seamlessly into your process.

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Open-Source SaaS for Enterprise Security

  • Pentest Assessment Collaboration
  • Automated/Customizable Reports
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Peer Reviews and Track Changes
  • API Access
  • LDAP and OAuth Integrations
  • Extendable
  • Fully Open Source