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Integration API

Faction includes two different API’s. One is REST based and will allow you to query and create just about anything that you can do via the web interface. You can write your one scripts to update findings, create assessments, or run reports. The Second API is our...

Introducing Arcus

Arcus is our new client/server collaboration project for BurpSuite. Arcus allows you to send data back and forth between one or more instances of BurpSuite. You can do the following things. Send one or many HTTP Requests to another user running BurpSuite. Send...

NoPE Proxy

Formerly known as ‘Burp-Non-HTTP-Extension’ These are the details for our new Non HTTP Proxy extension for BurpSuite released at the 2016 Blackhat Arsenal. You can find the link below to download the latest release and visit our github repo for other tools...

Beta Testing

We are allowing access to our FACTION Beta Release this week. If you would like to kick the tires then submit a request at the FuseSoft Security Website.. We are allowing just the first 50 requests access to the beta and then rolling out to more people over the next...